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Şükran Gül (Math Z-39)


Office Hours:

Wednesday 11:40-12:30



Basic Linear Algebra
By Cemal Koc

(sold in METU Bookstore)

Dates of Exams

Midterm 1 : 13.04.2016 17:40

Midterm 2 : 11.05.2016 17:40

Final : TBA




5 random attendances will be taken by the instructors during the lecture electronically. If you are present at least 3 of those attendances, then you will obtain 5 points bonus.



Click HERE to see your first exam results. You can see your exam results on

                                            Tuesday, April 26 between 15:40-17:30 at M205,

                                                Wednesday, April 27 between 11:40-13:30 at M205,

                                             Thursday, April 28 between 12:40-14:30 at M205.