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Sezen Bostan (Math Z-48)


Office Hours

11.00 - 12.40 Tuesday


Basic Linear Algebra
By Cemal Koc

(sold in METU Bookstore)

Dates of Exams

Midterm 1 : November 10, 2017, Friday 17.40

Midterm 2 : December 15, 2017, Friday 17.40

Final : TBA

Make-up: TBA














• Please find the sample solutions for the first midterm here.

• First midterm results will be announced soon.

• If you get the message "This ID is not contained in the current list.", then

take the exam at M104 for the first midterm.

• First midterm exam places are announced in the Student information System.

• You can find some past exam questions here.

• All topics till the end of the fifth week are included in the first exam content. You can reach the syllabus here.

• You can find some exercise sheets and answer keys here.

• Office hours of the instructors are announced here.

Have a nice semester..