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Sezen Bostan (Math Z-48)


Office Hours

11.00 - 12.40 Tuesday


Basic Linear Algebra
By Cemal Koc

(sold in METU Bookstore)

Dates of Exams

Midterm 1 : November 10, 2017, Friday 17.40

Midterm 2 : December 15, 2017, Friday 17.40

Final : January 12, 2018, Friday 17.00

Make-up: TBA



Week Subjects to be covered
1 Matrices, operations on matrices, special types of matrices .
2 Elementary row operations, row equivalence .
3 Invertibility, inverse of a matrix , Systems of linear equations .
4 Gaussian Elimination, Homogeneous equations, invertibility and systems .
5 Determinants: definition, properties.
6 Cofactor expansion, Cramer’s rule, Trace.
7 Vector Spaces, subspaces, linear span, linear independence.
8 Basis and dimension, coordinates, row space, column space, solution space of a matrix.
9 Inner product spaces, norm and orthogonality
10 Orthogonal and orthonormal bases, the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process, orthogonal projections
11 Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and diagonalization
12 Matrix exponentials, diagonalization of real symmetric matrices
13 Linear transformations, Kernel and image.
14 Matrix representation of linear transformations