About Section 3(updated announcement)

February 24, 2024

Dear students,

In this semester, the instructor of Section 3 (Mehmetcik Pamuk) will not be able to attend lectures due to his health problem, so students of Section 3 can remain registered in Section 3 and  they can attend the lectures in any section you want

Section 1 (Sergey Finashin): Tuesday 15:40-16:30 YP-A2 

                                                   Thursday 13:40-15:30 YP-A2

Section 2 (Ahmet İrfan Seven): Tuesday 12:40-13:30 YP-A3

                                                       Thursday 13:40-15:30 YP-A3

Section 4 (Süleyman Önal): Tuesday 12:40-13:30 P2 

                                                  Thursday 15:40-17:30 P2 

Best regards, 

Math 260 Coordination